Meet The Visionary Artist

Ms. Guna Shree

Makeup artist & educator

Guna Shree has received uncountable opportunities of doing makeup of notable personalities.

Guna sree

Meet The Visionary Artist
Ms. Guna Shree

Guna Shree has received uncountable opportunities of doing makeup of notable personalities.

Guna Sree Ever8make up studio

About Me

As a child, I loved putting on makeup on myself as well as on others in the family and this hobby continued well into my growing up days. I was always interested in makeup, but I never, ever thought I could make it my career.

With age, this hobby grew into a passion, especially after my graduation. So, I did a degree. But I didn’t have a plan. I was confused between the media and makeup industry but somehow found makeup more interesting. One day, I decided to do something in makeup, assuming I have my degree as a backup plan. I had informed my family regarding my makeup course but none appreciated apart from my sister. She was the only support system from day one.

Initially it was really hard to get leads. I had to face a lot of hurdles in getting the leads. There was time where people failed to make their payment after getting their service done. Eventually those incidents has thought me many lessons. Slowly my work started getting recognised because the more I made brides look like themselves, the more people started respecting me in the community and in our industry as a makeup artist. It became a thing; people understood that I stick to skin tones. It made me feel great that I could be this advocate. I helped brides look like themselves and feel great about themselves.

You might be even more surprised to know that in the past 5 years, Guna Shree has received uncountable opportunities of doing makeup of notable personalities. We are talking about leading Sandalwood personalities and film stars. She has had the honor of doing makeup of Sree Leela, Ashika Rangnath, Meghana Raj, Sindhu Loknath, Nandita Swetha, Nikita Narayan, Roopika and many others.

The list is too long, frankly. Guna Shree speaks for herself, “It may sound easy to be a celebrity make up artist but the job is really tough. What I want to underscore here is that it takes a lot to ensure consistent performances in the world of a movie actress. It’s not as easy as a pie! A lot of labor, practice, presence of mind, client specifications, and even entire cosmos needs to be handled to reach the end goal. Only after that can a makeup artist deliver the best performance and make the whole shebang happen!”


Explore makeup services offered by Guna Shree

Makeup artist Guna Sree studio Ever8makeup

Bridal HD Makeup

  • INR: 17,000
  • Semi matte, simple and elegant bridal makeup
Learn bridal makeup ever8makeup academy

Bridal Premium HD Makeup

  • INR: 20,000
  • Dewy, flawless and 3D enhanced look
Ever8makeup Studio Kammanahalli

Bridal Air Brush Makeup

  • INR: 22,000
  • Natural, long-lasting and gives a smoother appearance


  • Basic: INR: 5,500


  • Mature Skin - INR 6000
  • Bridesmaid - INR 8,500
  • Semi HD - INR 12,000

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